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24-28 August 2020

5 days | 5 themes | 30+ speakers | 1 future

5 days
5 themes
25+ speakers
1 future

Be Inspired

Inspired: Are You Future Ready? is a new online conference created to help you find your edge in today’s world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

If you want to grow your understanding of the future world, this conference is for you - wherever you may be!


Our guest speakers will share their expert views and industry insight across FIVE themes:

❖ 24 Aug
The Future of Schools

❖ 25 Aug
The Future of Work

❖ 26 Aug
The Future of Money

❖ 27 Aug
The Future of Skills

❖ 28 Aug
The Future of Sustainability

Our guest speakers will share their expert views and industry insight across FIVE themes:

   ❖ Day 1 - The Future of Schools
   ❖ Day 2 - The Future of Work
   ❖ Day 3 - The Future of Money
   ❖ Day 4 - The Future of Skills
   ❖ Day 5 - The Future of Sustainability

Join Us

Be inspired by the powerful success stories of globally-renowned leaders and changemakers:

❖ Gain valuable insight into a variety of topics

❖ Learn from experience built upon triumphs as well as failures

❖ Find YOUR a-ha moments to overcome challenges

❖ Acquire meaningful practical strategies which can be put into action

Conference Agenda

Each day will consist of:

❖ Partner keynote
❖ 5-6 Interviews with guest speakers
❖ Reflection session

Engage with Speakers: Q&A

Ticket holders will have access to Q&A opportunities:

❖ Questions and comments will be collected for 72 hours following each session and submitted to the guest speakers

❖ Guest speakers’ feedback will be published in monthly email newsletters following the conclusion of the Conference

Meet Our World-Class Speakers

Opening keynote address by

HH Tunku Zain Al-‘Abidin ibni Tuanku Muhriz

Amanda Brock

Open source technology & strategy


Chair, United Nations Technology Innovation Labs - Open Source & IP Advisory Group

Andy Andrea

Partnerships for a better world

Founder & Director, Alliance4Impact & Impact17

President, Sustainable Impact Association

Anne Caron

Startup journey, resilience, growth & people strategy

People Strategy Expert & Author of From Zero to 1,000: The Organisational Playbook for Startups

Ex-Google (10 years in a HR senior management role)

Batya Shulman

Financial empowerment & wellbeing

Partner, St James's Place Wealth Management - Asia

Former Chief Financial Officer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Bruno Chaintron

Strategic job crafting, organisational design & agility

Founder & Managing Partner, Role Crafting®

Author of Coaching to Make Change a Pleasure

Caitlin Graaf

Political ecology

Expert in Social Economic Development and Community Development, GVI

Strategy & Engagement Manager, Imagine Scholar

Caroline Ong

Combining people with business for impact

Country General Manager (Malaysia), Leaderonomics

Deborah Leipziger

Sustainability & corporate responsibility

Pioneer in social standards for human rights in the workplace
Senior Fellow in Social Innovation, Lewis Institute at Babson College

Deborah Olatunji

Education reform & 
student empowerment

Founder, Student Leadership Initiative Program

Dickson Tang

Creativity towards the future of work & business

Global educator & keynote speaker

Author of Leadership for future of work: 9 ways to build career edge over robots with human creativity

Dipti Kumar

Social development & youth empowerment

CEO, Malaysian Collective Impact Initiative

Former advisor to the Dukes of Cambridge & Sussex, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust

Dorjee Sun

Blockchain & social entrepreneurship

Elmarié Potgieter

Education transformation, thinking skills & capacity building

Founder, RITE Group of Companies

CMO Asia Women's Leadership Award 2019

Evo Hannan

Innovation, design and abstract thinking & the SDGs in education

Works with over 150 educators worldwide to promote learner agency

Innovative Teacher of the Year award nominee

Gaëlle Mogli

Social impact, sustainable development & humanitarian and development aid

Founder & CEO, ConnectAID - the International Solidarity Network

Former UN spokesperson & UNICEF Communication Expert

George Bohlender

Economic development, organisational & HR development

Managing Director, Dragonfire Corporate Solutions

Co-founder, Dragonfire Academy

Hanie Razaif-Bohlender

Career & talent management, career coaching, personal branding

General Manager, Dragonfire Corporate Solutions

Co-founder, Dragonfire Academy

Dr Helen Maffini

Mindfulness & emotional intelligence

Director, MindBE Education & MindBE Business

Certified emotional intelligence and positive psychology coach

Jeremy Blain

Digital & human capital transformation

CEO, PerformanceWorks International

ACQ5 International GameChanger™ of the Year 2019 & 2020

John Doran

Resilience, EQ, stress management & maximising performance

TED speaker, author of Ways to Wellbeing - currently taught in over 140 schools worldwide

Educator & guidance counsellor for 26+ years

Dr Kamel Hothi OBE

Responsible business, inclusion, community initiatives & charity partnerships

OBE for Diversity in Banking

Advisor & Trustee to several boards including the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust, Alzheimer’s Society, Memusi Foundation

Karen Ardley

Leadership & professional learning

Chartered Member, Chartered Management Institute

Kenneth Kwok

Sustainable development, impact investment

Founder & CEO, Global Citizen Capital

Founder & President, Better Together Foundation

Laurence Lien

Philanthropy & social interventions

Co-Chair & CEO, Asia Philanthropy Circle

Leonor Stjepic

Women's leadership & empowerment, education & innovation

Lin Nah Tan

Reinventing education for the IR 4.0 world

Dr Michael Crawford

Social innovation & learning

Co-founder, EdSpace

Passionate about research at the intersection of human development, social impact and entrepreneurship

Nadeem Nathoo

Future-ready education & emerging technologies

Co-founder, The Knowledge Society (a World Economic Forum School of the Future)

Natalie Turner

People and purpose centered innovation

Inventor & CEO, The 6 'I's® of Innovation (a brand of The Entheo Network)

Robin Boot

Personal development: values, mindset, passion, purpose, inspiration & happiness

Founder, Personal Empowering

Leadership & Business Coach, BOOST Experience (BOOST the World Foundation)

Dr Saleh Bazead

Social development, social entrepreneurship, youth empowerment & sustainable development

Sas Huntwood

Corporate & personal storytelling

Chief Storyteller, The StoryTellers

Creative & Learning Director, Sales Acceleration Strategies

Dr Sue McNamara

Emotional intelligence & leadership

Regional Network Director (Asia Pacific), Six Seconds - The Emotional Intelligence Network

Adjunct Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

Tanya Sheckley

Innovation in special education

Founder & Head of School, UP Academy

V S Ravi

Foresight leadership & entrepreneurship, futures thinking, AI & digital disruption

Founder & CEO, Invictus Leader

President, Analytics Institute Malaysia Chapter

5 days
5 themes
30+ speakers
1 future

5 days
5 themes
30+ speakers
1 future

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure whether I'll be available on the conference dates (24-28 Aug 2020)...
Don't worry - a ticket will provide you with access to the recorded conference videos for a whole year!
This is the first time I'm hearing about Inspired Conference. Who is behind this event?
Inspired: Are You Future Ready? is organised by RITE International Inc, a Meaningful Business 100 company. We deliver transformative capacity building projects, in partnership with clients such as Credit Suisse and the National Innovation Agency of Malaysia. Visit our website for more details!
Why are you organising this conference?
Inspired: Are You Future Ready? was born out of our desire to make conferences more accessible, environmentally friendly, and meaningful. As our future world becomes ever more complex, the call for inspiration must reach as many people as possible in order to have its greatest effect!
Everyone is organising an online event these days... Is this just another webinar / series of webinars?
This is NOT a webinar / series of webinars. It is a 5-day conference with 30+ world-class speakers, Q&A channels, reflection sessions and networking opportunities. Be part of a community of sustainable changemakers - Be Inspired!
What exactly makes this conference different from everything else out there?
We're pretty sure no other conference offers such a holistic 5-day journey, covering the Future of Schools, Work, Money, Skills and Sustainability, and tying all these themes together through reflection sessions. We're also proud of our inclusive speaker lineup, which is gender-balanced, with a mix of over 15 nationalities and various ethnic background, hailing from a wide range of professional backgrounds.
I'm still not sure about an online event. Can it ever be as effective as a physical conference?
Nothing beats face-to-face human interactions, but technology helps to close the gap a great deal. For example, the Inspired Community app (EdSpace) lets you take short selfie videos for Q&A, networking and reflection - instead of just text messaging.
How do I participate in Q&A with the speakers?
Experience tells us that effective Q&A rarely happens at most conferences - sessions are either running short of time and/or speakers get swamped with queues of enthusiastic participants. We solve this problem by collecting all questions & comments, and forwarding them to our speakers. Their feedback will then be published in regular email newsletters after the conference - this also keeps your momentum going so that learning doesn't stop when the conference ends!
How affordable is this conference?
At just US$ 99, you will have access to ALL 5 DAYS of the conference (38 hours), which works out to less than US$ 3 per hour of content - absolutely great value! 
Why should I pay to attend this conference, when there are plenty of other free online events?
Many free events end up having speakers who spend half the time trying to sell you their product(s) and/or service(s). We can assure you that our speakers are committed to helping YOU find YOUR edge!
What topics will be covered by the speakers at this conference?
Click here to find out!
What else will happen after the conference has ended?
We are already planning a series of future conferences so that YOUR network as part of the #InspiredCommunity will continue to grow! We will facilitate any requests to explore opportunities for collaboration. We also pledge to contribute a portion of the profits from this conference towards charitable causes in education, in developing countries worldwide.

Questions? Write to us using the form below or email us at


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Inspired: Are You Future Ready? is brought to you by RITE International Inc, a Meaningful Business 100 company.

Inspired: Are You Future Ready? is brought to you by RITE International Inc, a Meaningful Business 100 company.

Copyright © 2020 RITE International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2020 RITE International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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